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  Your career is a journey. Need networking and expert guides to manage the road ahead?  

Princeton Net Nights

Evenings with experts' views on your work issues and a unique opportunity to meet many Tigers in DC

A Tough Job Market Demands Much From You

One option you have: Meet new industry colleagues, answer tough worksite questions, and greet intriguing Tigers -- all at Princeton Net Nights.

Princeton Net Nights launched in DC in 2001 and have evolved ever since.  They're an award-winning speaker series for alums aged 20 to 80, helping you manage the road ahead in jobs, careers, retirement. 

Meet many alums (Brown, Columbia, Cornell, Harvard, Michigan, Penn, Yale, Wharton) -- on hand for expert speakers and guided networking.  We also develop all-Ivy Net Nights (for non-profit careers, corporate issues) to offer insights on critical topics, and give you a platform for many business connections. 

If you're tired of "same-old" networking fare, join us for something really new.

The 2009 downturn puts a premium on your relationships.

Try networking with a real twist: Career ideas+guided interactive networking
where everyone participates, you get to meet all participants, and you test
out what you learn...


"Social Media Networking" and featuring both our networking breakouts
and author Jennifer Abernathy. Join us for the talk+breakouts. DETAILS HERE.


Learn from special speakers on key markets, get ideas on new ways to move
your career forward in this very tough economy.  Then stay to meet seasoned
professionals -- whether in law, government, healthcare, business, non-profits
-- in high-level networking. We use breakouts and facilitators to help answer
your questions.  Discover the power of learning from everyone around you.

And as always at a Net Night, you get a complete participant+contact list
with details on those you meet. There's no option in DC that matches this
combo of networking, learning and the means for taking next steps with
the many you get to know on site. 

If you're ready to bolster your network, join us at Net Nights. 

Sneak Peek at Net Nights Coming Up in Fall 2009:

- NOTE: We SOLD OUT our Princeton-Harvard "Markets & Networks" eve (90+ visitors

- Working Your Search Plan & Priming for "Onboarding" -- October 6

- Mentoring At the Top -- Mentoring as an Advancement Tool - Part 1 (TBA soon)

- Mentoring At the Top -- Mentoring in Government & the Arts - Part 2 (TBA soon)

NOTE: Our last 4 Net Nights SOLD OUT. Please register early for these (once we post them).

OUR GOALTo help you meet many, and learn a great deal quickly,
in a relaxed way. And, we help you bolster your performance review

How?  Career experts everywhere point to networking as the single most
important skill
you'll need not only to find a job, but to thrive in that job. 

We'll make it very easy for you to launch conversations, for long-term
benefit and mutual success.  Each NN, you meet everyone in the room.  


We help open doors for you ... 

Join us for our nearly-monthly meetings in Metro-area sites and you'll
meet a fellow Tiger, a future boss, a potential work colleague, a mentor,
or a future business partner.  As important, you'll hear experts talk on
critical work issues -- issues key to this region and well beyond.

You're learn from the unique views of top pros in non-profits, government
and corporate ranks.  Featured speakers: Ted Leonsis, Vice Chair of AOL,
mentoring expert Eric Liu, Shirley Sagawa (on forming business and
non-profit partnerships), Lee Miller on negotiation, David Maister on
professional team strategy -- for law, finance or consulting teams.

Leadoff Fall '08 speaker: Deloitte's Anne Weisberg on non-traditional paths.

NEWS YOU CAN USE: Participants in our Net Nights automatically qualify
for a free "Net Nights Contacts Guide" (200+ alumni) -- alums offering their
contact details and career ideas (all yours for attending our events).

One of our initial presenters, Linda Rabbitt, CEO of Rand Construction plus a
Washingtonian of the Year, stressed that "world-class networkers do something
for someone every day."  You can join the many now doing this for Tigers. And
get Linda's networking pointers in our Net Nights Contacts Directory.

Sample 2008 Net Nights (check home page for schedules):
- Expanding Your Network-Key Guides (sold out) - with Lee Dudka
- Getting Team Strategy Right on financial+consulting teams - David Maister
- A Map of the Global Non-Profits, featuring Alex Counts, Grameen Found. President -
Alex Counts's organization impacts 18 million people worldwide
- Breakthrough Influencing with Lee Miller (formerly Sr. VP at Macy's)
- Using the Lattice for non-traditional paths-with Deloitte's Anne Weisberg
- Vaulting the 6 hurdles to Fed Jobs - with Kathy Gause-DBM 

A Selection of Earlier Net Nights (2007):
- "Web 2.0 - How to understand it and use it"
- "Creating Corporate and Non-Profit Partnerships"
- "Mentoring - A User's Guide"
- "Latin America: Opportunities on the Horizon"

PROGRAMS ON TAP for 2008-09 (dates TBA):

- OUR SEPTEMBER LAUNCH EVENT: Deloitte's Anne Weisberg
on a new professionals' career success path -- the "lattice path"
September 24, 2008 http://www.pcw-dc.org/article.html?aid=278 

- OCTOBER - To get past your "Federal Job Hunt Hurdles"
... ON 10/23, join Senior Executive Service vet Kathy Gause.
Sign up: <

More events this fall/winter ...
- Mia Farrow on "Darfur + Global Humanitarian Crises"
- Hear key member of the Harvard Negotiation Program
- Alexandra Cousteau ("Earth Echo") on Global Water Issues
- Princeton Educators/Raj Vinnakota '93 - "Education and SEED Schools" - 4/14/09
- Reprise of our SOLD-OUT "Expand Your Network" Program - 1/08/09
- Peter Fiske '88 on Expanding Your Science Career Options
- Networking at C-Level (featuring a CEO + CIO) - SPRING 2009

QUESTIONS? Contact LLeeDudka@email.com for details.


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