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PCW Spring 2019
Here are the photos from our spring events. Thanks to all who attended and supported PCW programming!
Created by: JacquelineCremos on 04/21/2019, Last modified by JacquelineCremos on 04/21/2019.   Contains 1 total images.
A4P Lunar New Year (2/16/2019)
View the menu for the upcoming Lunar New Year Luncheon, hosted by the Asian American Alumni Association of Princeton (A4P).
Created by: JacquelineCremos on 01/23/2019, Last modified by JacquelineCremos on 04/21/2019.   Contains 1 total images.
Fall 2018
Photos from Princeton Club of Washington's Fall 2018 events
Created by: Rita on 11/02/2018, Last modified by Rita on 11/02/2018.   Contains 10 total images.
PCW Greets Alums/New GS Admits-7/15
Visitors to PCW's Grad School Alums/Admits Party-7/15/18
Created by: Lee on 07/25/2018, Last modified by Lee on 07/25/2018.   Contains 3 total images.
Young Alumni Happy Hour at Hawthorne
Young alumni and Princeton in Washington interns enjoy happy hour at Hawthorne on U Street, July 2018
Created by: Rita on 07/12/2018, Last modified by Rita on 07/12/2018.   Contains 1 total images.
Boat Cruise and Ice Cream Social - June 2018
DC-area alumni enjoy a scenic boat cruise along the along the Anacostia River, June 2018
Created by: Rita on 06/19/2018, Last modified by Rita on 06/19/2018.   Contains 1 total images.
Young Alumni Bingo Night - May 2018
Young alumni attend bingo night at O'Sullivan's Irish Pub, May 2018
Created by: Rita on 05/28/2018, Last modified by Rita on 05/28/2018.   Contains 1 total images.
Sen. Merkley (D) *82--5/15/18-eve--with Cong. Lance (R) *82
Senator Jeff Merkley *82 (D-OR) shared his journey to DC with (classmate) Congressman Leonard Lance *82 (R-NJ) + PCW members
Created by: Lee on 05/18/2018, Last modified by Lee on 05/18/2018.   Contains 6 total images.
The Great CoHi Cleanup - Earth Day 2018
Thanks to all the Tigers who came out for The Great Columbia Heights Cleanup in honor of Earth Day 2018. It was a fun day and we did a great job collecting trash to beautify the neighborhood -- all thanks to Tiger teamwork!
Created by: Rita on 04/22/2018, Last modified by Rita on 04/22/2018.   Contains 1 total images.
March Fisher '80: Trump Revealed SOLD OUT-10/05/16
In-depth talk on Donald Trump, Presidential candidate, reflecting work by 20-reporter team at WP. Sold out attendance greeted Marc Fisher '80's exceptional discussion.
Created by: Lee on 10/10/2016, Last modified by Lee on 03/09/2018.   Contains 4 total images.
New Grad School Admits: Reception+Talk-7/17/16
PCW's latest "Welcome to New Grad School Admits" featured networking, food+drinks (@ Rose Li *92's) + a cameo book talk by Larry Haas *81 ("Harry & Arthur") focused on how (D) Pres. Truman + (R) Sen. Vandenberg teamed to craft new bipartisan policy
Created by: Lee on 10/10/2016, Last modified by Lee on 03/09/2018.   Contains 5 total images.
Our boatride to Foster's Feast
In picture-perfect weather, a fine gathering of Tigers plus Dartmouth and Wharton alums had a memorable afternoon. It was capped off with National Geographic quality sunset over the water.
Created by: Lee on 07/15/2009, Last modified by RobertKelly on 02/26/2018.   Contains 15 total images.
Net Night 3/03 w/ Michael Colopy '78
Our 16th year of Net Nights: Michael Colopy addressed the work issue and higher-level questions of new companies
Created by: Lee on 10/31/2016, Last modified by Lee on 10/31/2016.   Contains 7 total images.
PCW's Princeton-Harvard Inaugural 1/18/13 - Sold Out
Our filled-room "tip of the hat" to Inauguration Weekend.
Created by: Lee on 01/25/2013, Last modified by Lee on 01/25/2013.   Contains 13 total images.
PCW Gala 2012
Photos from the 1st PCW Gala, September 2012.
Created by: JessicaNickel1 on 09/27/2012, Last modified by JessicaNickel1 on 09/27/2012.   Contains 9 total images.
OMB Dir. Peter Orszag '91 - 6/23
Peter Orszag's reputation as a speaker preceded him, and he lived up to it in his scintillating talk and Q&A. A Sold Out crowd listened, and then saw people take turns with big questions.
Created by: Lee on 12/06/2010, Last modified by Lee on 12/06/2010.   Contains 7 total images.
World Cup Party - June's US v. UK game
We gathered to watch an earlier PCW guest: Coach Bob Bradley '80 (then with MLS's ChivasUSA team). This time, it was US vs. UK men -- and it drew a crowd
Created by: Lee on 12/06/2010, Last modified by Lee on 12/06/2010.   Contains 5 total images.
EPA's Lisa Jackson *86 - 5/18
One month into the Gulf oil spill, Lisa Jackson *86 showed up as promised. She cancelled all other appearances that week but addressed a sold out crowd of fellow alums - an outstanding public servant in action.
Created by: Lee on 12/06/2010, Last modified by Lee on 12/06/2010.   Contains 5 total images.
Ted Leonsis-3/17/10
On his 3rd sold out visit, Wash. Caps. owner Ted Leonsis did one more inspirational talk for PCW alumni.
Created by: Lee on 12/06/2010, Last modified by Lee on 12/06/2010.   Contains 7 total images.
PCW at Meet The Press - 3/07/10
Our 2nd visit to MTP brought one more opportunity to quiz Meet the Press Host David Gregory -- after we "audited" the impressive Sunday morning show (and panel discussions).
Created by: Lee on 11/11/2010, Last modified by Lee on 11/11/2010.   Contains 6 total images.
3/02/10 - Family Night @ Air & Space
Dr. Jeff Goldstein, head of National Center for Earth and Space Science Education, offered one more option to PCW families to experience the uniqueness of science. As always, he put on a great show....
Created by: Lee on 03/03/2010, Last modified by Lee on 03/03/2010.   Contains 6 total images.
January: Meg Whitman Book Talk (1/28)
A great spot in DC (Ritz-Carlton) saw a small lunch first, and larger group next. Meg trained in from NYC (avoiding snow-delayed flight). Result: Impressive talk, with many revealing stories, high-learning moments.
Created by: Lee on 02/03/2010, Last modified by Lee on 02/06/2010.   Contains 9 total images.
Broomball - Dream Team - 2010
Captain Dan Pall scouted the opposition, and used a crack team of coaches (and fans in the stands). Well worth it, since they shut out all opponents and had fun doing it. 2011: We defend the title.
Created by: Lee on 02/06/2010, Last modified by Lee on 02/06/2010.   Contains 4 total images.
11/24 - Tigers vs. GW + Post-Game Reception
"Support is great on the road," Coach Johnson '97 said. A crowd of alums+parents greeted him. With us: Bookends of Tiger history: Ed Hummer '67 (on the '65 Final Four team), the van Breda Kolffs, Coach Thompson '88.
Created by: Lee on 11/26/2009, Last modified by Lee on 11/28/2009.   Contains 22 total images.
11/09 - Norm Augustine's Night
In a much anticipated event, our guest shared his time with us by offering up some lessons from his extensive career -- plus his "encore career" work in key presidential panels for the US government. An overflow crowd was on hand.
Created by: Lee on 11/28/2009, Last modified by Lee on 11/28/2009.   Contains 12 total images.
10/15 - Singapore Embassy - New Light on SE Asia
We heard from one of Washington's premier diplomats, Amb. Chan Heng Chee, discussing Singapore's success during the financial crisis. It's easy to see why she's Woman of the Year, a book award winner, multi-country diplomat. An exceptional night...
Created by: Lee on 10/16/2009, Last modified by Lee on 10/26/2009.   Contains 15 total images.
10/11 - PCW at Meet the Press
We ate, then caught a 'behind-the-scenes' of THE public affairs (network TV) show. Our treat: Sens. Levin + Graham, 2 generals on Afghan War, roundtable of TV voices (P. Gigot, R. Brownstein, Catty Kay) AND met David Gregory. Not half bad.
Created by: Lee on 10/16/2009, Last modified by Lee on 10/17/2009.   Contains 9 total images.
T.R. Reid '66 on Healthcare & 'Healing of America'
For anyone puzzled (or confused) by the healthcare debate, the best prescription is to hear (or read) Tom Reid. His background is extensive and he "unpacked" the key issues during the talk and Q & A. Relive some of the evening in our snapshots.
Created by: Lee on 10/13/2009, Last modified by Lee on 10/14/2009.   Contains 11 total images.
Pres. Emeritus William Bowen *58 greets full house - 9/15
We gathered to greet Pres. Bowen on his arrival and his uniquely-focused book. There was lots to share and we learned a great deal. A grand night: Site and food were graciously provided by Patton Boggs's Nick Allard '74.
Created by: Lee on 10/02/2009, Last modified by Lee on 10/02/2009.   Contains 6 total images.
8/13 Wine Tasting with Julian Ashley S'96
We had a great venue for our group, and walked away with many wines and foods savored, thanks to Julian Ashley S'96's generosity of time and wines. Pointers: Take time to log your ideas on wine favorites, and do a test-run monthly (at least).
Created by: Lee on 08/16/2009, Last modified by Lee on 08/16/2009.   Contains 7 total images.
Princeton-Harvard Net Night/Markets + Networks
Our idea for a large group 'grew like topsy' - producing 93 alums on hand on 7/21. A great venue, good food, and many helpful alums yielded a fine evening of breakouts+large-group exercises. Those who missed this missed a lot.
Created by: Lee on 07/24/2009, Last modified by Lee on 07/24/2009.   Contains 14 total images.
7/16 - A Review of the Judiciary Hearings
At Greenberg Traurig, we saw a superb trio of panelists -- a cut above what you'll find elsewhere (in person or on TV). And we heard an enlightening review of the history of 'SCOTUS' nominees, and policy implications of the Hearings.
Created by: Lee on 07/18/2009, Last modified by Lee on 07/20/2009.   Contains 12 total images.
Gettysburg Tour Sampler
After launching a grand weekend (and 6/12 sold out talk), Prof. McPherson treated us to his unique command of the sacred ground of Gettysburg (6/13). 100 PCW trekkers will long remember that day and what 7/3/1863 means to us.
Created by: Lee on 07/06/2009, Last modified by Lee on 07/18/2009.   Contains 15 total images.
Grad Alums meet New Grad Admits - 7/11
On a fine day, dozens of alums greeted a number of new Graduate Student admits and learned from one another. It was our second annual greeting for these "future alums."
Created by: Lee on 07/15/2009, Last modified by Lee on 07/15/2009.   Contains 7 total images.
Service for 4 Star Gen. John R. Guthrie '42 P84
The nation has but a handful of 4-star generals. On 6/30, Arlington Cemetery saw the burial of one of them: Gen. John Guthrie '42, a true Tiger. A moving service, attended by guests from near and far, with full military honors.
Created by: Lee on 07/06/2009, Last modified by Lee on 07/09/2009.   Contains 9 total images.
ZOO Crew at the National - Father's Day
We had an expert guide in Hannah Koppelberger, and brought two dozen to sample the views. Much to see, and by all accounts, it was a "great trip."
Created by: Lee on 06/27/2009, Last modified by Lee on 07/06/2009.   Contains 12 total images.
Norway's Embassy - 6/09
Amb. Wegger Strommen, a lawyer-diplomat at home everywhere (and ex-U.S. resident) offered an outstanding personal tutorial on U.S.-European issues, impressing us as one of the hidden diplomatic gems in DC. Near-sellout crowd braved a storm to join us.
Created by: Lee on 06/11/2009, Last modified by Lee on 06/11/2009.   Contains 11 total images.
Law Net Night - Sutherland - 4/07
Our 4/07 SOLD OUT Law Net Night reviewed the field in '09 and beyond. Focus: Doing your 1st-step plans, using key resources and tactics for managing a career inside (or beyond) the law. Sutherland's PC Pitts '79 was our gracious host.
Created by: Lee on 04/09/2009, Last modified by Lee on 04/10/2009.   Contains 9 total images.
Evening with Cong. Rush Holt - Science, Defense and More
3/19: We hosted Cong. Rush Holt (Princeton's own district) -- who brought a clear overview on the major changes in 2009 science funding. It was a major conference on campus that prompted a nearly-$20 billion increase for science.
Created by: Lee on 04/10/2009, Last modified by Lee on 04/10/2009.   Contains 8 total images.
Regional Conference - Super and Superb Weekend 3/06-07
Grand gallery: Our double-bill, Aspire Friday, Conference Saturday (joined by 1600). At JW Marriott, grounds of a legacy project, last hotel built by father and son Marriott, we experienced an event with legacy memories. Key photos: Mike Barrett '66
Created by: Lee on 03/30/2009, Last modified by Lee on 03/31/2009.   Contains 21 total images.
Family Visit to Air & Space
World-class presenter Dr. Jeff Goldstein intro'd the objects around us, and above us, plus offered a view of IMAX film, "The Sun." One mom said, "This was the best evening of my life."
Created by: Lee on 02/27/2009, Last modified by Lee on 02/28/2009.   Contains 8 total images.
Steve Coppola '06 On '08 Olympics
Steve Coppola joined us on Alumni Weekend (2/22) to review his team's bronze-medal finish & savor the memories. Tigers were the BIGGEST Ivy contingent in Beijing.
Created by: Lee on 02/26/2009, Last modified by Lee on 02/26/2009.   Contains 9 total images.
2/08 - All Alum Winter Party - Malashevich Home
We aimed for an icebreaker but produced an ice-melting, gorgeous afternoon, inside and out at the spacious Malashevich home (Bethesda). And: Prof. Ron Walters warmed up the conversation by comparing the '80s and '08 campaigns.
Created by: Lee on 02/10/2009, Last modified by Lee on 02/16/2009.   Contains 9 total images.
1/08/09 Net Night - Bingham's: Online/in-person networking
This sold out Net Night drew Tigers along with Penn, Harvard, Cornell, Brown and other Ivy alums -- to dip toes in, then deep dive into online+in-person networks. We used 4-corner breakouts to get results. Photos: David Kim '00.
Created by: Lee on 02/03/2009, Last modified by Lee on 02/10/2009.   Contains 15 total images.
1/16: Princeton-Harvard Inaugural - University Club
We had to extend the deadline twice, and topped off the registration at 220. It was well worth it: Excellent food, many fine moments to connect and reconnect, and a unique speaker, all combined to make this a memorable evening.
Created by: Lee on 01/19/2009, Last modified by Lee on 02/10/2009.   Contains 8 total images.
PCW's Young Alum Happy Hr. - 12/10
We handled the food, and Ben Massey '07 (and many Tigers) did all the rest. Thanks for joining us at the Sign of the Whale on 12/10.
Created by: Lee on 12/17/2008, Last modified by Lee on 12/18/2008.   Contains 5 total images.
Grad Alums greet Dean Russel & George Will *68 - 12/01
Graduate School alumni shared a night with George Will *68 and Dean William Russel on the Georgetown turf of F. Scott's (1789). An overflow crowd enjoyed the food, the conversation and the picture-rich walls of this well-known restaurant...
Created by: on 12/03/2008, Last modified by on 12/05/2008.   Contains 9 total images.
White House Chef's Night-11/20
An energetic crowd watched a master performance (without the baking) as Roland Mesnier recounted life in 5 White Houses (Presidents Jimmy Carter to George W. Bush).
Created by: on 11/22/2008, Last modified by on 12/03/2008.   Contains 6 total images.
Pundits Night-11/13
Stellar commentators - Moderator Kathleen McCleery '75, Juliet Eilperin '92/Wash. Post, Norm Ornstein P'02/AEI, Evan Thomas/Newsweek, Glenn Ivey '83/Prince George's Co. - joined an overflow crowd to review the election (11/13)
Created by: on 11/14/2008, Last modified by on 11/24/2008.   Contains 6 total images.
National Zoo Visit Album
Aug.17 - PCW at the ZOO
Created by: on 08/17/2008, Last modified by on 08/20/2008.   Contains 10 total images.
2007-08 Event Highlights Album
Some of the alumni faces and scenes from the past year...
Created by: on 07/10/2008, Last modified by on 07/15/2008.   Contains 23 total images.

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