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Officers and Chairs

PCW Leadership and Committee Chairs, 2018 - 2020

 To contact the officers of the Princeton Club of Washington, please email princetonclubofwashington@gmail.com.  


Sara Lopez *10 
Vice President Jessica Nickel '98
Treasurer Chris Howard '87
Secretary Rita Glasionov Muir '05
Awards Committee Chair Jessica Nickel '98
Communications Jackie Cremos '14
Community Service Chair Stephanie Pope '02
Fiction Book Club Seth Elan '79 
Grad School Liaison Lee Dudka *77 
Ivy Singles Bruce McBarnette  '80 
Membership Chair David Steigman '75 
Princeton Prize Co-Chair Malaika Walton '87 
Princeton Prize Co-Chair Jeremy White  '96 
Princeton Women's Network Chair Nalini Pande  '93 
Programs Co-Chair Travis Muir '05
Programs Co-Chair Rita Glasionov Muir '05
Dining Club Co-Chair Brian Baum '96
Dining Club Co-Chair Sam Norton '12
Schools Committee - DC Peter Bass '85
Schools Committee - DC Colleen Markham '91
Schools Committee - DC Rosalie Norair '76
Schools Committee - DC Robert Kelly  '74
Schools Committee - MD (Co-Chair) Phyllis Thompson '77
Schools Committee - MD (Co-Chair) Dwight Draughon, Jr. '09
Schools Committee - MD Tonya Miles '82 
Schools Committee - MD Lubna Malik '08
Schools Committee - MD Pamela Franklin '91
Schools Committee - MD Thanasis Delistathi '93
Schools Committee - MD Jennifer Cannistra '01
Schools Committee - VA Meagan Buczek '00
Schools Committee - VA Mary Stewart '83
Speaker Series Chair Lee Dudka *77
Triangle Show Co-Chair Mike Barrett '66
Triangle Show Co-Chair  Robert Kelly '74
Woodrow Wilson School Liaison Sara Bencic *16
Woodrow Wilson School Liaison Carl Westphal *13
Young Alumni Co-Chair Tarin Chon '14
Young Alumni Co-Chair Clare Sherlog '17
Princeton University Joyce Rechtschaffen  
Princeton University Kim Nerres  
Past President Matt Jacobs  
Past President Randy Beehler  
Past President David Panzer '95
Past President Robert Kelly '74
A4P Liaison Nicholas Wu '18 
ABPA Liaison David Marshall '93
ALPA Liaison Ruben Diaz '88
Veteran Liaison David Steigman '75 
Open Positions:     
LGTBQA Liaison    
Sports/Athletics Dept. Liaison    

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