Welcome to the Princeton Club of Washington - Tiger Hoops Week - Pt. 2 -- 11/28 (OSU v. GW) ...


Tiger Hoops Week - Pt. 2 -- 11/28 (OSU v. GW) ...

GET YOUR TICKETS NOW for the 2nd Orange & Black team to play GW at Smith Center. It's Craig Robinson '83's team (Oregon State). TICKETS will sell quickly ...


GET TICKETS NOW -- available at the WILL CALL WINDOW (by 1:00 pm on 11/28.)For this Saturday's (11/28) game, there is a PRE-GAME BRUNCH (11am - 1pm in Alexandria)For the  BRUNCH details, contact Kevin Williams '83 (host)EMAIL him directly at nicenupemd@aol.com

TIME + SITE: 2 PM Sat. - at the CHARLES E. SMITH CENTER -- 22nd & G Strs. in DC.

~~~~~~~~~~~ HOW TO REGISTER for GAME TICKETS ~~~~~~~~~

Click to buy tickets online!

QUESTIONS? PLEASE email pcw@pcw-dc.org (for same-day response).

A pre-game BRUNCH is planned at the home of Dr. Kevin Williams '83.

Saturday, 11/28 - 11 AM - 1PM
SITE: Home of Dr. Kevin Williams '83
3718 Seminary Road
Alexandria, VA 22304

EMAIL for Kevin Williams: nicenupemd@aol.com


Tiger Notes on Oregon State Coach Craig Robinson '83 .....

Craig Robinson '83 holds many of Princeton's (and many key Ivy League)
from his years as a Tiger.

Coach Craig is fourth on Princeton's all-time scoring list with 1,441 points,
and led the Ivy League in field goal percentage in 1982 (.577) and 1983
(.642). Robinson was also the Ivy league's first two-time honoree as an
Ivy League Player of the Year.

 Craig Robinson '83 - a household name at the White House

After directing one of the nation's best single-season turnarounds in his
rookie year at Oregon State, Craig Robinson launches a 2nd season as
coach of the OSU men's basketball program.

In 2008-09, Robinson helped lead a remarkable turnaround in the program's
history.  Under Robinson, Oregon State tallied an 18-18 record and had one
of the greatest single-season turnarounds in the nation. This "plus-12 win"
total pushed that turnaround record to a No. 3 ranking countrywide.

He now leads the "2009 Beaver Caravan" into DC to play GW's Colonials.

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