Welcome to the Princeton Club of Washington - Picture Contest: Give us your best shot...


Picture Contest: Give us your best shot...

Halloween and other hosts: Captured a seasonal or Halloween moment? SEND IT IN. Reward: A chance to win 1 of our 3 special prizes. Read on....

This is for fun AND quite possibly a prize, too.

Plus the (minor) glory of getting your photo on our website. 

If you or yours will be going to the trouble of getting dressed-up this Halloween,
then consider sending us a picture of your special moment, setting or scene and
(potentially) prize-winning get up.  It could be you, your kids, friends, cats, cars,
canaries -- anything picture-worthy.

It may be a more formal photo that's reflective and thoughtful -- you decide.

We now have submissions that are nature scenes, city scapes and more.

YOUR PRIZE: A bookstore gift card to the 3 "best in show."  




GIVE US a digital-output snapshot -- for ease of posting (.JPG format).
pcw@pcw-dc.orgDEADLINE: 11/15/09 NOON.
WINNERS will be notified by Nov. 25 + get their photos posted.


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