Welcome to the Princeton Club of Washington - SOLD OUT - 7/21: 'Learning from Markets+Networks'


SOLD OUT - 7/21: 'Learning from Markets+Networks'

SOLD OUT our 90 SEATS in our PRINCETON-HARVARD-IVY NETWORKING: Broaden your network, gauge the markets. A Tiger-Crimson-Ivy career ideas+guided networking eve. Expand your links, learn how today's hiring trends affect you.

SORRY -- SOLD OUT 93 seats.

New Net Night TBA soon for September...


Try a networking session with a twist: Career ideas+guided interactive networking where everyone participates, you meet everyone, and you test what you learn...

Hear 3 speakers on markets and networks -- with new ways to move your career forward in this very tough economy.  Then meet seasoned professionals -- in law, government, healthcare, business, non-profits -- in high-level networking (with breakouts and facilitators who help answer your questions).  Discover the power of learning from everyone around you.

And as always at a Net Night, you get a complete participant+contact list with details on those you met.  There's no event in DC that offers this combination of networking, learning and the means for taking next steps with the many you meet on site.


For more on Net Nights, GO HERE.... 

See moments from the night below. More in Photo Albums at home page.

 Tom Lotterman '77, Bingham Host for the Evening  


From first moments with food, thru our talks, breakouts, self-introductions, we had a complete networking night.

Was it worth it?  We had 93 alums from Princeton, Harvard, Dartmouth, Wharton, Columbia + Penn joining us, which included 50+ Tigers.  You be the judge.  New Net Night TBA soon....


ALUMNI: SPECIAL NIGHT for Ideas on "Markets & Networks" -- Tues. 7/21
For Princeton, Harvard, Dartmouth, Wharton and Ivy Alumni.

Are you a professional reviewing your career options, and --

- Hungry for useful new guides about the markets that will work
in this economy?
- Eager to expand your professional contacts list with new
professionals -- in law, government, healthcare and more?
- Ready for guided, interactive networking breakouts with
facilitators to answer YOUR QUESTIONS?  And tips on how
to network in this "message-cluttered" environment?

Do you know how to "blend" your networking so that you can
tap people in-person+online, and produce results for both of you?

SAY "yes" to any of the above, and you should say "yes" to
July 21-6 pm at Bingham McCutchen law firm. It's a high-value
evening, sited in a fine venue with good food.

SOLD OUT. New Net Night TBA for Sept. 

WHEN: Tuesday, July 21, 2009 - 6:00 pm start
2020 K Street NW (near 21st & K) - 11th Floor
Washington, DC 20004

Come prepared to get a great deal of learning under your belt.

JOIN us to hear pointers on markets and networks, and you'll
also get time to really experience something new: A guided
networking session -- with breakouts and facilitators -- geared
for Princeton, Harvard and Ivy alums -- offering answers to your
career questions.
This session is offered only twice yearly in DC. 

FIRST, we'll have 3 professionals presenting ideas on the
markets (and on networking). Here's who'll be there --

Deborah Gelin,
MBA-Harvard Business School, has 20 years'
experience as a legal recruiter, and has provided career transition
services for many.

Tom Karr/Harvard -- lawyer with 10 yrs. experience in private practice,
10 more in the government -- handles professional tasks in government.

Lee Dudka, Princeton *77, Business Issues Coach (PCW Pres.), a
30-yr.pharma consultant, founded Princeton Net Nights in 8 US cities
and has led the Princeton Club's Net Nights for a decade.

Their brief talks prime you for the following guided breakouts with
facilitators who'll address your Qs and YOUR networking needs.

OUR KEY BREAKOUTS on hand to help you:

-- Law
-- Government
-- Healthcare
-- Nonprofit
-- Business

Plus: A unique twist you won't get in typical networking groups --
You'll meet everyone in our breakouts and in the room.

It's ALL at Bingham McCutchen, 2020 K St., in DC.
PARKING: On street (free at 6:30); in paid lots nearby.
METRO: Farragut Stations near K & 17th Street.


WHEN - Tuesday, July 21, 2009 - 6:00-9:00 pm
2020 K Street NW (near 21st & K) - Washington, DC 20004
PARKING: On Street (free at 6:30); in paid lots nearby.
METRO: Farragut stations near K & 17th Street.

QUESTIONS on REGISTERING?  E: pcw@pcw-dc.org for same-day response.

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