Welcome to the Princeton Club of Washington - 4/14 - 'Model Urban Schools' -- Raj Vinnakota '93


4/14 - 'Model Urban Schools' -- Raj Vinnakota '93

DC's PREMIER educator-social entrepreneur: meet him. Learn why SEED shows "remarkable results" (says Arne Duncan, US Sec. of Education). Co-Founder Raj Vinnakota '93, Woodrow Wilson Awardee, recaps SEED's success and future plans.

ALUMNI: Join PCW's special night honoring one of America's top
social entrepreneurs - RAJIV VINNAKOTA '93, man of many talents.

He happens to drive Annual Giving in his "spare time."  But if you...

- Want a glimpse of education's future ...

- Wish to understand the value of public boarding schools ... 

JOIN US on 4/14 to learn from this peerless alum. 


EVENT RECAP: A large crowd was on hand for Raj's remarks ....

 Marc Miller '69, first Chair of SEED School Board  Host Tom Lotterman+Paul White '77s

 Bob Rafner '51 and Margie Rafner...  The man of the hour - Rajiv Vinnakota '93

 Listening ...  Raising Questions ... Getting Answers ...

It was a mini-course on social entrepreneuring, with the best social entrepreneur in Washington, DC.

ANYONE who missed this truly missed a great deal!


IN THE HEADLINES this month...

US Secretary of Education Arne Duncan on SEED:

"It's had some pretty remarkable results."

[quoting Story] by Carl Campanile
Dateline April 3 - The New York Post: President Obama's education
czar said he'll explore the use of taxpayer funds to give poor kids
the opportunity to attend public boarding schools.

"The wealthy in our country have had boarding schools for a couple
of hundred years. It's worked pretty well for them. Why shouldn't
poor kids have access to boarding schools?" Education Secretary
Arne Duncan told The Post editorial board yesterday.

Duncan noted there are public boarding schools in Washington, DC,
and Maryland, in partnership with the SEED Foundation, a nonprofit
group that promotes innovative education programs....

"It's had some pretty remarkable results," Duncan said.  According to
the foundation, 98 percent of SEED grads were accepted to college --
compared to 56 percent of high-school students nationally...[endquote]


2009's highest undergraduate alumni award, the Woodrow Wilson
has gone to DC's Rajiv Vinnakota '93 -- with good reason. Join
us on 4/14 to honor Rajiv, and hear how the SEED School is thriving.

Rajiv is now the managing partner of the SEED Foundation, and a
PCW guest returning to share new widom with us once more. His
ability to achieve as a creative social entrepreneur is one of many
reasons why he chairs Princeton's Annual Giving Campaign, and
serves as a Princeton University Trustee in addition.

WHY ATTEND? As many entrepreneurial careers have fizzled,
Rajiv's continues to thrive.  He'll detail how the SEED School
turned an experiment into a model urban school in America


Rajiv, for those unfamiliar with him, co-founded (with Eric Adler) the SEED
School, the model inner-city boarding school for the underpriviledged
in the U.S. As a thriving school, it is now evolving on its third campus,
this one in Baltimore, Maryland.  Raj will recount the steps it took to
create headline-worthy success
amidst the hurdles and challenges
that greeted him and Eric Adler in Washington, DC in the 1990s.

It's a great story, a model of what social entrepreneuring offers those
tenacious and savvy enough to pursue it.  Raj has lectured on this
at Harvard Business School, at Princeton campus and in numerous
settings.  His work has been recognized both by Princeton and by
awards from many institutions (and an appearance on Oprah).

Please join us for a truly memorable evening with one of America's
finest social entrepreneurs, Rajiv Vinnakota.  Do NOT miss this!

WHAT: The Social Entrepreneur's Work in the City
The SEED School's Future -- with Rajiv Vinnakota '93

: Tuesday, April 14, 2009
TIMING: 6:30 pm - 8:30 pm
SITE: Bingham Law Firm - 11th FLOOR - 2020 K Street

COST: $15 (members); $20 Non-PCW members; $10 Young Alums

REFRESHMENTS and FOOD are included.

METRO: This is Metro accessible (Farragut Stations).

PARKING: On street (meters "off" at 6:30), and in (nearby) lots.
FOR YOUR REGISTRATION, please use the information below ....

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