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1/28 Books: Ancient Scribes & Modern Citizens

Hear 2 alumni in a lively discussion on the rise and fall of Roman-era civilizations. James O'Donnell '72 is Georgetown Univ. Provost; Paula Fredriksen *79 is Prof. of Scripture, Boston Univ.

ALUMNI: Book talk by eminent Princeton scholars.

WHAT: Ancient Scribes and Modern Citizens

FEATURED: James J. O'Donnell '72, Paula Fredriksen *79
WHEN: Wednesday, January 28. TIMING: 6:30-7:30 p.m.
SITE: Eric Friedheim National Journalism Library of the
National Press Club - MURROW ROOM

ADDRESS: 14th & F Streets - elevator on 14th Street. 

COST: Free, but e-mail ticket reservations are required from --

RESERVE EARLY since space is limited for this event.

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Scholar-authors James J. O'Donnell '72 and Paula Frederiksen *79
are eminent historians chronicling the changes -- social, religious,
military, economic -- that ended the ancient Greco-Roman world
and laid the foundations on which our modern world was built.

NOTE: James O'Donnell '72 is the Provost of Georgetown University.
and Professor of Classics; Paula Fredriksen *79 is now the Aurelio
Professor of Scripture at Boston University and has taught at Princeton.
In addition, she provides commentaries on current issues (in many
fora -- "On Faith" column/Newsweek, on Frontline and the BBC)).

 James J. O'Donnell '72 - Provost of Georgetown University

O'Donnell's THE RUIN OF THE ROMAN EMPIRE, which has been
commended by both Madeleine Albright and Lewis Lapham, offers
new theories on the story of Rome's downfall.

 Paula Fredriksen *79 - Prof. of Scripture, Boston University

Meanwhile National Jewish Book Award winner Fredriksen's AUGUSTINE
(featured in TIME Magazine) re-examines Christianity's
difficult sibling rivalry with Judaism.  They both share the stage to discuss
how civilizations end and renew themselves, and they explore what this
historical inquiry offers today's journalists and citizens on issues such
as immigration, warfare, religious discord, and international relations.

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