Welcome to the Princeton Club of Washington - SOLD OUT: Unique Inaugural Event - 1/16/09


SOLD OUT: Unique Inaugural Event - 1/16/09

SOLD OUT: 200 TICKETS FOR 1/16/09, our members-only Princeton-Harvard Inaugural -- 1 more PCW Member benefit. TICKETS NO LONGER ON HAND; WAIT LIST is on hand.


THANKS FOR SUPPORTING PCW on this historic evening.  We have a WAIT LIST so send an email to <pcw@pcw-dc.org> to be on it.

PLEASE JOIN OTHER PCW EVENTS in coming weeks: Our DINNERS (1/24, 1/31, 2/07, 2/14, 2/21, 2/27, 3/14) or other EVENTS (1/13 and 2/08).  More activities and events (including family-focused news) -- announced shortly.

NOTE: President Tilghman visits us on March 7 - see updated webpage.


This unique Princeton-Harvard event launches the year with an outstanding speaker.  Tickets for 1/16 are first-come, first-served.  The event will sell out.  Buy your tickets now if you want the advantages of an inaugural event minus the traffic and hassle of Inauguration Week.

1/16 UPDATE: ALL 220 tickets sold out to Tigers & Crimson -- Tigers from near and far (who joined us as members to participate)....

Why visit the University Club on January 16th? 

-- Reconnect with your fellow DC-area Tigers at a premier DC venue...
-- Meet Harvard's many DC alumni there to celebrate with you...
-- Savor the outstanding buffet...  and you have 3 great reasons to attend

BONUS: Come hear our uniquely distinguished speaker, Charles J. Ogletree,
the Harvard Law professor who taught both Barack and Michelle Obama '85.

He's also been a mentor to President-Elect Barack and Michelle Obama. 

THE EVENT: Harvard-Princeton Inaugural Celebration - Jan. 16
Fine site, outstanding food, distinguished guest, a memorable experience.
WHERE: University Club - 1135 16th Street NW - Washington, DC 20036
WHEN: 6:30 - 8:30 pm - Jan. 16, Friday
COST: $75.  At this price, there is NO BETTER inaugural event in DC.

  UNIVERSITY CLUB -- 1135 16th Street

1 - Pasta, plus meat and turkey carving stations - specially prepared for you
2 - Fruits, vegetables, desserts and 
2 drinks (cash bar after first 2).

OUR SPECIAL SITE: The University Club
1135 16th St NW -- Washington, DC 20036
PARKING: On streets (16th, L & M Street area)
or Club valet parking available.
Business attire required.

Charles Ogletree is Harvard Law School's Jesse Climenko Professor
of Law and Director of the Criminal Justice Institute.  Prof. Ogletree enjoys
an international reputation as a practicing scholar who takes on complex
issues and works to secure constitutionally guaranteed rights for everyone.

He examines the issues in classrooms, in the pages of major law journals,
in the everyday world of public defenders practicing in the courtroom
-- and in public TV forums where the issues are dramatically visible.

He's moderated many PBS TV series, including "Ethics in America."  

Notable fact: Professor Ogletree was one of Barack Obama’s law
professors, and taught Michelle Obama '85
 (she graduated Harvard
Law the year before the President-Elect enrolled at the Law School).

He is an expert on comparative criminal justice systems, on the
legal systems in South Africa, and on public defender systems
in the US, where he first practiced in Washington, DC.

HIS EDUCATION: He earned his B.A. and M.A. from Stanford
University and his J.D. at the Harvard Law School (1978).

For 2 insightful articles on Prof. Ogletree's role as the Obamas' mentor --

For Washington Post article, see link here.

For New York Times piece, click on link here.


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