Welcome to the Princeton Club of Washington - GRAD ALUMS-New Admits Reception-7/19-1:45pm


GRAD ALUMS-New Admits Reception-7/19-1:45pm

An alumni party: Help greet the area's new Grad School admits, share your campus experiences with 'em. It'll be fun. You'll enlighten our future alumni + meet special PU guest Tara McCartney and your colleagues. All welcome but please RSVP.


This new event is being co-sponsored by your --

- Princeton Club of Washington
- Princeton University Graduate School and
- APGA, your graduate alumni association.

UPDATE on the Grad Alum RECEPTION --

RECEPTION NOTES (PCW member & APGA Vice President Rose Li *92)....
The APGA, the Princeton Club of Washington, and the Graduate School of
Princeton University hosted a welcome reception for incoming graduate
students (and families) set to attend Princeton from the metro area.

University speaker Tara J. McCartney, Assistant Director, Graduate Alumni
Relations (formerly Community Programs Coordinator, Office of Student Life),
shared her expert information on the Graduate School -- including what to
expect in the first weeks, plus pointers on student housing, stipends and
campus food options. Maxine Weinstein *81 graciously opened her home
to provide a beautiful NW DC venue for our event.

ATTENDING: (8 new graduate students) - Matthew Axtell (History), Blair
Cantfil (WWS), Brian Fisher (WWS), Benjamin Fong (WWS), Philip
Isett (Math), Michelle Kayser (WWS), Victoria Reyes (Sociology),
and Qing (Robin) Zhao (WWS), plus 16 Princeton alums and friends.
Among the older alums: Douglas Arnold *76 (History), Adam Arnett,
Brigitte Brunelle *08 (Geosciences), Greg Cullison *99 (WWS), Allison
Hedley Dodd *03 (Population Studies), Brian Dodd S*03, Lee Dudka *77
(Comparative Literature; PCW President and AGA Board member),
Cary Elliott *98 (Economics; PCW Graduate Alumni Representative),
Mike Gasch '65 (English), Max Karasik *00 (Plasma Physics), Albert
Lee *90 S*92 (Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering), Rose Maria
Li *92 (WWS), Linda Martin *72 (WWS) *78 (Economics), Tom
O'Connor *07 (ChemE), Bryan Patel *08 (ChemE), along with Alasdair
Scott *07 (WWS), Nye Stevens *64 (WWS), Deni Taveras *03 (WWS).

The event also marked the kick-off of a new PCW Graduate Student
Travel Award to help deserving graduate students (selected by the
Graduate School Dean) gain professional visibility thru participation
at professional meetings in our area and defray unreimbursed travel
expenses. Attendees contributed over $400 toward this cause.

NOTE to Grad Alums: You can add your contribution to this. Please
contact the webmaster@pcw-dc.org at the PCW.
Below: Tara McCartney with Lee Dudka *77. The group also assembled to hear Tara's expert tips on managing the first years on campus.

Our gracious host Maxine Weinstein *81 and APGA VP Rose Li *92 (below).  Also pictured: GS new students Ben Fong, Michelle Kayser, Blair Cantfil, Brian Fisher.

Also among us: The Dodds. Allison was an extra in "The Beautiful Mind" (destined for stardom). Brian is an organic farmer.

ADMISSION is FREE for Current GS Students + New-Admits to the Graduate School

SUGGESTED DONATION (for others): $10 for travel awards for GS students....


March 2 - Grad Alum Speakers - "Launching Business in China"


Hear Guest Speaker Tara J. McCartney, Assistant Director, Graduate Alumni
Relations, and formerly at Office of Student Life, Princeton University Graduate
School. She will share basic information about the Graduate School + your
questions about student life. Join us, connect with area alumni and meet new
officers who begin their 2-year terms on July 1 and are really eager to hear any
of YOUR IDEAS FOR FUTURE EVENTS. Among the APGA officers are --

- Lee Dudka *77, PCW President and APGA Governing Board member,
- Rose Maria Li *92, APGA Vice President, and
- Cary Elliott *98, PCW Graduate School Alumni Representative.
NOTE: This is free for newly admitted & current graduate students. Others are
asked to donate $10 towards a new PCW Graduate Student Travel Award to
help deserving graduate students gain professional visibility through participation
at professional meetings in the DC area (and to help defray unreimbursed travel


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