Welcome to the Princeton Club of Washington - MIRIAM's KITCHEN - This JULY 4th at 6:00 am


MIRIAM's KITCHEN - This JULY 4th at 6:00 am

There's ever growing interest in Miriam's, but we can still use you. PCW's shifts are the 1ST FRIDAYs and our monthly 3rd WEDNESDAYs at Miriam's (thanks to Joe Kochan). JOIN us this JULY 4th at 6 AM to catch the spirit and meet new friends.

Eager for the camaraderie of a great community service team -- and want to "give back"? 

Join the crew at Miriam's during either of its 2 SHIFTS: On Fridays (2nd time - 7/04) or every 3rd Wednesday of the month.  Much to do, plus terrific team spirit.  Joe Kochan '02 coordinates all Miriam's activities, and he's awaiting your call (jskochan@hotmail.com). Please see his message below.  E-mail him directly, then join him on Friday morning.


Hi everyone-

I am always asked by PCW volunteers whether it's possible to get more
than one shift at Miriam's each month. Well, I am happy to report that
the team at Miriam's will now enjoy having one more Princeton group,
this time on the FIRST FRIDAY of each month, to complement our regular
third Wednesday shift.

So, I am in need of 4 to 6 volunteers for a breakfast shift on FRIDAY,
JULY 4, from 6:00am to 8:30am. If you've never been to Miriam's, this
is a great chance to work in the kitchen and meet outstanding volunteers.

Please respond to my message at
jskochan@hotmail.com if you're
interested in joining us on Fridays, in the morning. Details about
Miriam's and directions to the kitchen are below.

REMEMBER: It's FRIDAY - JULY 4 at 6 AM - 8:30 AM (this week). 




Miriam's Kitchen is a non-profit breakfast program for people who are
homeless, located in the Foggy Bottom neighborhood of Washington DC.
Miriam's provides a hot, nutritious breakfast each weekday morning to
around 200 men and women. Founded in 1983 by a collaboration of
churches and local businesses, and is housed in Western Presbyterian
Church, Miriam's Kitchen has no religious affiliation. It is run by a
volunteer board of fifteen, staffed daily from a pool of over
three-hundred dedicated volunteers, and supported by area churches,
corporations and individuals. PCW/PWN volunteers at Miriam's for the
breakfast shift every 3rd Wednesday of the month.


Miriam's Kitchen is located in the basement of the Western
Presbyterian Church at 2401 Virginia Ave., but the entrance to
Miriam's Kitchen is located near the corner of 24th Street and G
Street. Enter through the garage, which is on 24th street. At the
entrace to the garage (short driveway and garage door) is a stone
pillar with buttons. Press the button that reads "Lower Kitchen,"
which sounds a buzzer in the kitchen and somebody will open the garage
door. Walk down to the lowest level (1 level down) in the garage and
around to the clearly marked entrance to Miriam's Kitchen. podium and
lower kitchen button and garage door. Come inside, sign in, and look
for Steve or somebody who steps forward to give you

By Metro: Miriam's Kitchen is located 3 blocks from the Foggy
Bottom-GWU metro station.

For more information visit

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