Welcome to the Princeton Club of Washington - Your ASC Tiger Family Needs You!


Your ASC Tiger Family Needs You!

Become an alumni interviewer for the DC/MD/VA region and help Princeton select the class of 2025!

Are you looking for a great service opportunity in the DC area? 

Princeton's Alumni Schools Committee (ASC) is one of the most popular and rewarding ways for alumni to support Princeton--serving as an ambassador of Princeton to prospective students, informing the Office of Admission through meaningful conversations with applicants and welcoming those admitted to the "best darn place of all."

The ASC is open to all alumni, both undergraduate and graduate, especially those inclined to build for the future in this most personal way. In the spirit of the theme, Positively Princeton, you will enjoy sharing your Princeton story and experiences with aspiring applicants from the DMV.   

Want to participate? 

If you are interested in virtually interviewing prospective students for the class of 2025, please send an e-mail to the region where you are best able to interview (where you live or work). Interviewing an applicant takes approximately one hour. You meet the prospective student remotely, have a 30-minute conversation and then submit your feedback electronically through the Admissions website. It's that easy!

Maryland: princeton.asc.maryland@gmail.com

Virginia: princeton.asc.nova@gmail.com

Washington, D.C.: princeton.asc.dc@gmail.com

NOTE: MD & VA need many more interviewers than DC because of the number of applicants from those suburban areas.

Please include in your email:


Class Year

Home address

Preferred telephone number

Preferred email 

Note: Your email must match the one you have listed in TigerNet in order for you to receive emails and assignments - log into Tigernet to confirm by clicking here

We regret that you are unable to interview if your own child or grandchild is applying to Princeton this year and we strongly suggest you do not interview if your own child is applying to college this year. We would love to have you next year though.

Many thanks in advance from your regional ASC Chairs,

ASC of MD: Heidi Bauer '97, Jennifer Cannistra '01, Thanasis Delistathis '93, Gabriela Barber '17, Dwight Draughon '09, Saswathi Natta '13

ASC of VA: Meagan Buczek '00, Jennnifer Choe Groves ‘91, Elena Martinez ‘11 and Justin Patel ’17

ASC of DC: Bob Kelly '74, David Baumgarten '06, Colleen Markham ’91


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