Welcome to the Princeton Club of Washington - 8th Reunions Careers Colloquium - May 30 - 3pm


8th Reunions Careers Colloquium - May 30 - 3pm

Want to learn from national experts and their guides for career planning? Come on Friday for the flagship event among Reunions career activities, and it is the 8th annual. Big attendance expected, as always. Sign up now.

ALUMNI: Come Join Flagship Event for Career Planning at Runions
8th Annual Alumni Reunions Careers Colloquium

WHAT: Career Mapping - Navigating Choices and Circumstances
in Your Plan for Life
WHO SHOULD ATTEND: All alumni invited, all will benefit
DATE: Friday, May 30, 2008
TIMING: 3 - 5 pm
SITE Frist Campus Center Multipurpose Room
Princeton Campus

Join our panel of experts in an open discussion on "career mapping."
This colloquium -- the 8th annual at Reunions -- helps you ...
- focus on career expectations and paths
- identify the roles of personal commitments and values
- factor in the up-and-down economy
- understand relevant new technologies and retirement issues and
- appreciate the roles of passion and risk.  


- Anne Weisberg, Talent and Diversity Director, Deloitte and co-author,
Mass Career Customization: Aligning the Workplace with Today's
Nontraditional Workforce

- Lisa Belkin '82, "Life's Work" columnist (New York Times) and author,
"The Opt-Out Revolution" (The NYT Magazine)

- Laura Vanderkam '01, author, "Grindhopping: Build a Rewarding
Career Without Paying Your Dues

- Peter Fiske '88, author, Put Your Science to Work: The Take-Charge
Career Guide for Scientists
....  And more (see LINK below).

Learn creative strategies for recognizing transferable skills, manage
your transitions and do more with your skills set.

Read about the panelists and REGISTER NOW at:
or click on the Reunions Careers Colloquium link at http://alumni.princeton.edu/main/

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