Welcome to the Princeton Club of Washington - REUNIONS WEEKEND -- Coming Up -- May 29-June 1


REUNIONS WEEKEND -- Coming Up -- May 29-June 1

Made your plans for events, visits and meetings yet? If you need more information, please see below ...

Register now for Reunions 2008, May 29-June 1

Information for undergrad and grad alumni ....

Are you planning for Reunions this year? Major reunion attendees should
register now for the festivities, to be held Thursday right through Sunday,
May 29-June 1. General Reunions information will be updated regularly on
the Alumni Association's website. The schedule of open events will be
online at the same site in early May.

For all details, see your class website or simply visit the Association 
of Princeton Graduate Alumni website for extensive information (updated).
Registered TigerNet users can access the online directory's leadership
search function to contact class officers or reunion chairs.


Come learn from the experts and absorb their guides for career planning (on Reunions
weekend). It's the flagship event among Reunions career activities, and the 8th annual.

Hear major speakers, authors, advisors on key career questions.


OPTION 2: The PEN (Entrepreneurs Network) Conference ....

Outstanding speakers and sessions, $10K Business Prize competition (May 30/8 AM)....


APGA REUNIONS SPOTLIGHT - For Graduate School Alumni

APGA Reunions 2008, May 29-31, offers a wide range of enjoyable and
simulating activities, from community service projects to career networking
and educational Alumni-Faculty Forums, plus a Tribute to Teaching dinner
... and including to the wild-and-wacky P-rade.

Online Reunions registration for graduate alumni is open until Wednesday.
Graduate School Alums: Please register on this webpage (thru 5/28):

After Wednesday, you must register onsite.  APGA Reunions Headquarters
is in Whig Hall, right in the middle of the campus.

Association of Princeton Graduate Alumni website: http://alumni.princeton.edu/~apga/


General Reunions information: http://alumni.princeton.edu/main/goinback/reunions/

Class websites: http://alumni.princeton.edu/main/alumni_communities/classes/class_pages/

Association of Princeton Graduate Alumni website: http://alumni.princeton.edu/~apga/

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