Welcome to the Princeton Club of Washington - New PCW Member Benefit in 2020


New PCW Member Benefit in 2020

PCW partnership with the University Club of Washington D.C.

The Princeton Club of Washington (PCW) is excited to  announce a new partnership with The University Club of Washington, D.C., a members-only club for business and social entertaining in downtown Washington D.C. Under this new partnership, PCW’s Premium members will have the opportunity to enjoy discounted membership in the University Club and PCW will be able to utilize spaces in the club for happy hours and other events.  


For our premium members, The University Club will waive the initiation fee and the athletic health club membership fees (health club fees waived for three months). The University Club, only a few blocks from the White House, offers a convenient location to dine, socialize, exercise, relax in the spa, stay overnight, and enjoy reciprocity at other clubs around the globe. Please click here for additional information on University Club membership, pricing, and other details. You can view a virtual tour of the space here.

If you are interested in taking advantage of this opportunity, please ensure your PCW premium membership status is active and email princetonclubofwashington@gmail.com with “University Club of Washington D.C. Membership” in the subject line. PCW is seeking interest in University Club membership from at least five premium members to fulfill our obligation to the University Club.


We will hold our first PCW Happy Hour at the University Club on Thursday, February 27th, 6-8pm.  Interested PCW members are encouraged to attend for great conversation with your fellow tigers, as well as to learn more about this club and its facilities.  Please RSVP here.  


About PCW Premium Membership
Lifetime membership is $600

Platinum sponsorship is $350

Gold sponsorship is $275

Silver sponsorship is $150

If you have already purchased a basic membership and wish to upgrade, you can purchase a premium membership through the PCW website, and it will extend your membership for a year and permit you to take advantage of this offer.  

University Club membership - Important Note

The University Club is the sole decision-maker as to whether your application for membership will be accepted. PCW does not guarantee admission to the University Club and does not hold liability for any events held or participation with the University. Additionally, PCW members may not be able to deduct your premium membership dues for tax purposes. Please consult a tax professional.  

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