Welcome to the Princeton Club of Washington - Celebrate 50 Years of Co-Education at Princeton in an Exciting New Theater Project


Celebrate 50 Years of Co-Education at Princeton in an Exciting New Theater Project

Princeton alumnae are invited to participate in a theatrical project with Princeton University's Lewis Center and the Program in Theater.


Princeton University's Lewis Center and the Program in Theater are calling for alumnae working professionally in the arts to participate in a theatrical project celebrating co-education at Princeton. The project, to be created in tandem with current students, will culminate in performances in the Berlind Theater in April 2020.

The first co-ed class arrived at Princeton fifty years ago, in the fall of 1969. In celebration of this milestone, the theater program is inviting applications for participation in a project in which students will be paired with professional artist alumnae to research and create short performances about another group of alumnae - women who graduated from Princeton in the first few years of co-education. The process will take place steadily over the 2019-20 academic year and will culminate in evenings of performance in the Berlind Theatre at McCarter Theatre Center in April 2020, and potentially at Reunions 2020. Professor Suzanne Agins, a Princeton alumna and professional director, will help the student-artist alumnae pairs to weave the resulting short pieces into a full-length evening of theater. 

We are looking for a strong cross-section of Princeton artist alumnae to participate as professional artist partners and mentors to our students. The student partners and professional artist alumnae will represent a broad cross-section of lived experience at Princeton and beyond; special attention will also be paid to identifying research subjects from the first generation of female undergraduates with overlooked or suppressed experiences.  We anticipate participating alumnae being on campus for a minimum of four or five times during the process, and there is a potential of university-funded travel to visit research subjects.  

TO APPLY: send an introductory email letting us know what kind of participation you’d enjoy (writing? directing? performing? composing? something else?) plus a bio to Jane Cox (janecox@princeton.edu) and Suzanne Agins (slagins@princeton.edu) by July 12, 2019.  Special care will be taken to match student and professional artist alumnae partners with similar interests.  We will let all alumnae know whether or not we will be able to match you with a student by August 15th.

Questions?  Email Suzanne Agins (slagins@princeton.edu).


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