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Alumni volunteers needed to mentor summer PICS interns

Volunteer and help support a young student’s summer experience with PICS (Princeton Internships in Civic Service)


PICS (Princeton Internships in Civic Service) is in search of alumni to volunteer as partners for the PICS interns working in DC this summer.  Mentors are asked to meet with the student 2 or 3 times over the course of the summer, provide guidance to someone who may be working on his or her first real job, and assist with any specific issues that may arise. This is open to all alumni...Mentors do NOT need to have participated in PICS as undergrads.

As you might know, PICS started as a Princeton alumni organization over 20 years ago and is now the largest summer internship program on campus, sending out almost 200 interns each summer to work in non-profit organizations. Over the years, this program has inspired many of its interns to a life-long commitment to community service, and each intern receives a stipend to ensure that all students are able to participate regardless of their economic status. The PICS cohort in D.C. keeps growing, and there will be over 50 interns placed this year. 

An important contributor to the success of the internship program has been having a Princeton alum to serve as mentor to each intern.  Alumni have found it to be very rewarding. It is a chance to know a few of today’s undergraduates and answer their questions about academics, careers, and bond over a love of Princeton.  Some of the friendships formed continue to this day, with alumni partners going to weddings and former interns becoming alumni partners.   

If you are interested in this opportunity to volunteer and help support a young student’s summer experience, please reach out to Jeri Shaefer (PICS Executive Director) at jeris@princeton.edu or 609-258-2682.

Learn more about PICS and being an Alumni Partner on the PICS website: pics.princeton.edu 


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