Welcome to the Princeton Club of Washington - Update: Princeton Club Baby Boomers


Update: Princeton Club Baby Boomers

Please read this exciting update regarding future activities and/or programs aimed for Baby Boomer Alumni!

Baby Boomers update:


The baby boomers group will be meeting to discuss ideas and topics for future activities.  Topics that have been suggested are a discussion group or speaker series about planning for an intelligent, meaningful, and rewarding retirement, social activities, or movie/book discussion group.  If these topics, or any others you'd like to suggest, appeal to you, please contact Martha Mihaly Black at martha.mihaly@gmail.com




Do you remember the days when you filled out your income tax form with a pen?  Thought that Facebook might be a photo album of family and friends?  Recall the heady scent of mimeograph paper when your teachers passed out math and spelling tests?  Then the Princeton Club Baby Boomers group might be for you.  If you are interested in brain storming, or if you have ideas for future activities... for fun, intellectual challenge, or just coffee-or-cocktails and conversation  -- for those of us age 50-and-better, please contact Martha Mihaly Black at martha.mihaly@gmail.com


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