PCW 2016 Reunions Bus

The Princeton Club of Washington has organized a round-trip bus for Reunions 2016!

PCW is partnering with Skedaddle (which was founded by Brad Werntz '10) to organize an affordable and direct round-trip Reunions bus between Washington, DC and Princeton University! 

On Thursday May 26th, the first bus from Washington, DC (Dupont Circle neighborhood) to Princeton (Wawa) will depart at 4:00 pm EDT; it is scheduled to arrive in Princeton at approximately 7:06 pm EDT. 

On Sunday May 29th, the second bus from Princeton to Washington, DC will depart at 1:00 pm EDT; it is scheduled to arrive in Washington, DC at approximately 4:06 pm EDT. 

As a result of working directly with Skedaddle, tickets are $30 for each route (using the discount codes below) - the round trip total is $60 per person. Comparatively, the least expensive Amtrak ticket from Washington, DC to Trenton, NJ is $49 and a round trip would be $98, not including the transportation fees to get to/from campus; this opportunity constitutes a $19 in savings each way. 

If you are interested in purchasing your tickets for the PCW Reunions Bus, please use the following instructions if you're planning on accessing Skedaddle through your computer or the browser on your Android phone:

1. Click on one of the following links:

From Washington, DC to Princeton, NJ (5/26): https://www.letskedaddle.com/events/3944

From Princeton, NJ to Washington, DC (5/29): https://www.letskedaddle.com/events/3945

2. Click "Reserve"

3. Click "Sign Up" (next to "Not a member?")

4. Register by either filling out the required information or linking to your Facebook account 

5. (Return to initial bus link and click "Reserve" if redirected) - Reserve your seat by filling out credit card information and clicking "reserve" 

6. Repeat steps 1-5 in order to reserve seat for second bus. 

7. After completing your transactions, email Skedaddle at hello@letskedaddle.com with the following codes in the email body to obtain your $5 refund on either or both trips ($10 refund for a round trip refund): 

Codes: "dcreunions1" and "dcreunions2" 

Skedaddle will manually issue the refunds to your credit card. 

If you have an Apple Phone, please consider downloading Skedaddle's Apple Application and using the following instructions to reserve your seats (please feel free to use the attached screenshots):

1. After downloading the app, open the app, and tap the menu button at the upper left corner of the home screen (Screenshot 1). Once the menu expands, tap "Log In or Sign Up" (Screenshot 2). Depending on if you have an account set up, either log in using your existing credentials, or follow the prompts to set up an account. 

2. Once you have signed in, tap the menu button once more in the upper left corner. Select payment from the expanded menu (Screenshot 3). On the payment menu, tap "Add Promo Code" (Screenshot 4), and enter the promo code into the text box (you'll need to do each promo code one at a time). Once you enter the promo code, hit "save" and a pop-up message should appear letting you know that your credit has been added. 

Codes: "dcreunions1" and "dcreunions2" 

3. After you've entered the promo codes successfully, the credit will show on the left hand menu (Screenshot 5), and will be automatically applied to the reservation the users make on the Princeton Reunion routes! 

Important: use the "Search by Name" function and locate the following routes: "Reunions: Princeton to D.C." and "Reunions: D.C. to Princeton" 

Please contact PCW Vice President Reggie Galloway '11 at reginald.galloway@alumni.princeton.edu with any questions. 

Click here for Facebook Event Page