Welcome to the Princeton Club of Washington - Fiction Book Club - March 2016


Fiction Book Club - March 2016

Join for Fiction Book Club for Woodcutters by Thomas Bernhard.



The next meeting of the Princeton Fiction Book Club is scheduled for:


DATE: Monday, March 28, 2016

TIME: 7:30 pm

PLACE: 3401 Porter St. NW, Washington, DC 20016

SELECTION: Woodcutters by Thomas Bernhard


Included in literary critic Harold Bloom’s Western Canon, this very unconventional novel consists of an uninterrupted stream-of-consciousness diatribe against Viennese cultural and artistic society. The work was temporarily removed from bookstore shelves due to a libel lawsuit following its publication in 1984. It features interesting references to European literature, art, music, and particularly the performing arts. The University of Chicago Press published an English-language translation by David McLintock in 1989.


Please contact Seth Elan at sethelan@gmail.com with any questions.


We have a reciprocal arrangement with the Yale Book Group, which meets in Springfield, VA. Their next meeting will be on:


DATE: Tuesday, April 12, 2016

TIME: 8:00 pm

PLACE: 7713 Harwood Pl, Springfield, VA

SELECTION: The Quartet: Orchestrating the Second American Revolution, 1783-1789 by Joseph Ellis


Please contact Molly Summers at summers.molly@gmail.com with any questions.

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