Join nutrition expert Marion Nestle at a timely book talk

Thanksgiving is around the corner. Why not consider what you eat when you do? Nutrition expert Marion Nestle offers an engaging overview on the foods we eat, how they reach our tables -- in a cartoon-filled talk (more below).


ALUMNI: Thanksgiving lurks around the corner. Why not consider what you eat when you do?

Join a unique talk on December 5th by nutrition expert Marion Nestle, author of Eat Drink Vote.

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 AUTHOR NOTESMarion Nestle (Paulette Goddard Professor of Nutrition, Food Studies, and Public Health at NYU) now holds joint appointments (NYU Professor of Sociology and Cornell Visiting Professor of Nutritional Sciences). Her degrees: Ph.D. in molecular biology; M.P.H. in public health nutrition (both Berkeley).  From 1986-88, as senior nutrition policy advisor (Department of Health and Human Services) she was Managing editor of the 1988 Surgeon General's Report on Nutrition and Health.

BOOK NOTES: What’s wrong with the US food system? Why is half the world starving while the other half battles obesity? Who decides our food issues, and why can’t we do better with labeling, safety, or school food? These key questions are hard to answer in an engaging way for a broad audience. But everybody eats, and food politics affects us all, and you will learn a great deal from this expert.

Marion Nestle -- food author Michael Pollan ranked her America's 2nd most powerful foodie (after Michelle Obama) -- uses cartoons in her presentations to illustrate how government, corporate marketing, economics, as well as geography all influence our food choices. Her talk and cartoons zero in on the core concepts to powerfully convey what might remain tough to understand.

In Eat Drink Vote, Marion Nestle teams up with The Cartoonist Group syndicate to present over 250 of her favorite cartoons -- ranging from dietary advice to genetic engineering and childhood obesity.

NOTE: A LIMITED NUMBER of free books are on hand for this evening talk, sponsored by Hooks Book Events, a PCW partner.

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WHEN: December 5, 2013
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