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Class of '80 Hike

Sunday, August 26

Below is information about an event I am hosting for the class of '80.
  You can feel free to announce it to the Princeton Club.
Sunday, Aug. 26 Hike and  Light

Join Bruce McBarnette '80 and other Princetonians and friends as he
leads a hike with  the Class of '80 of
the Soapstone Valley trail.  After the hike we will  visit an open
house event at the Washington DC Sukyo Mahkari Center  where there will
be refreshments and volunteers giving a Japanese  form of relaxing
subtle energy called light to those who would like  to receive it.

We will meet at 2pm at the entrance to the Soapstone  Valley Trail
which is on Albermarle Street near the intersection of  Albermarle and
32nd Street, about 450 feet east of Connecticut  Avenue., NW.   We will
take the trail to Rock Creek and  walk to Pierce Mill, a historic stone
mill, and then return. The  hike is about 2.4 miles and we should be
done by 3:30pm.  After  the hike, we will go to the Mahikari Center,
which  is around  the corner from the entrance to the Soapstone Valley
Trail at 4479  Connecticut Ave. NW, Washington, DC 20008.

The hike and open house are  free.

If  you plan to come, RSVP with Bruce McBarnette at
bruce@mcbarnette.com or (703) 404-8429.
Bruce McBarnette, Esq. Princeton Class of '80
Summit Connection, LLC
Real Estate Investing Firm
(703) 404-8429

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