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Fiction Book Club Meeting

October 15th for a discussion of 'This Side of Paradise' by F. Scott Fitzgerald

Dear PCW fiction book group members,

The next meeting of the PCW fiction book club is scheduled for 
for Monday, October 15, at 7:30 pm at Karla Hof's house.

In addition, we decided to assign "THIS SIDE OF PARADISE" by F. Scott Fitzgerald, postponing a discussion of Hilary Mantel's "Bring up the Bodies." If some of you have spent time reading that book, we can discuss it at a later session. "Bring up the Bodies" has been nominated for the Booker Prize, but it is a sequel to Wolf Hall, which we may want to read and discuss beforehand.

For more inforamtion, contact Seth Elan at <sethelan@gmail.com>.



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