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Princeton Prof. Krueger's unique take on terrorism-9/11-06:30 pm

Join fellow alumni as the Princeton Club hosts Princeton Prof. Alan Krueger - on the September 11 anniversary -- and his compelling new look at terrorists and what drives the creation of this new breed of global conspirators.

Woodrow Wilson Professor Alan Krueger discusses the big themes of his just-published book, "What Makes a Terrorist" (Princeton University Press) and will autograph copies available for purchase. 

WHEN: Tuesday, September 11, 2007 - 6:30pm - 8:45 pm
COST: $20 ($25 for non-members) - includes refreshments
WHERE: Bingham McCutchen LLP
2020 K Street - Event: 11th Floor
Washington, DC 20006-1806
METRO: Farragut North
PARKING: On street (or major lots - 21st Street)

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The "buzz" on terrorists and why they try to harm us is often driven by misinformation, argues Prof. Krueger
in his new book.  While analysts argue that poverty or poor education breed terrorism, Alan Krueger points
to the wealth of evidence showing terrorists come from middle-class, college-educated backgrounds. This
kind of analysis leads him to refreshing solutions to the premier challenge of our time.

Economist Krueger has tested his ideas through rigorous statistical analysis on a range of many tough
issues (from minimum wage to the prevalence of hate crimes).  Join us to hear his views on why our
tactical battle against terrorism must surmount some of the current approaches, and requires the media
to be far more responsible in their reporting.

In "What Makes a Terrorist," Prof. Krueger brings needed clarity to one of the great issues of the day.

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