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Over 50 Singles Event: National Opera Simulcast

Date: Thursday, September 22, 2011 Time: 7:30pm, but arrive before 6:30pm to enjoy a pre-show picnic Place: Nationals Stadium, Washington, DC,

Ivy Over-Fifty Singles

Announces a POP UP event:

A simulcast of Washington National Opera’s season-opening opera, Puccini’s Tosca


Date:               Thursday, September 22, 2011

Time:              7:30pm, but arrive before 6:30pm to enjoy a pre-show picnic

Place:              Nationals Stadium, Washington, DC,

Screen:            The baseball team’s center field Jumbotron 

Cost:                Tickets are free, but the sponsors require reservations 


Hosts are IO-FS members Randy Dillon and Sheila Macdonald.  Two years ago they scouted the WNO’s simulcast at the stadium, arriving early to buy hotdogs and beer and then sitting back under the stars to enjoy the show.  WNO is a first rate company and its quality was fully felt that night.  The sight lines were excellent, subtitles readable, and the strong voices resonated over the speaker system.  More than 20,000 attended, many having picnics in the infield, others in seats above, completely unaffected by the commotion below. 

IO-FS has reserved a block of 20 passes.  You are encouraged to come early and enjoy a picnic in the stands. To obtain a pass please email or call Sheila Macdonald – psgmacdonald@rcn.com   or  202-362-5568 – and leave your name.  We’ll let you know how to pick it up. 

DIRECTIONS:  The best way to come and go from the stadium is to take Metro’s Green Line to its Navy Yard station.  This is a safe area and the stadium entrance is a short block away.  Parking is available in the stadium garage for $10.

If inclement weather is predicted, watch your inbox for updates

We hope to see many of you there.  Be sure to come early to join with friends in the stands.  WNO’s simulcast is becoming an annual event, something to be supported in the interest of the entire community.

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