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PCW Council Meetings


Council meetings are held monthly from August through June. Please check the meeting minutes for the next meeting date. If you have any news, requests, suggestions, or other comments relevant to the function of the Club, please contact the council at princetonclubofwashington@gmail.com

2018 Meeting Minutes

09/17/2018 Minutes

10/15/2018 Minutes

11/7/2018 Minutes  

12/2/2018 Minutes


2019 Meeting Minutes 

01/14/2019 Minutes

02/13/2019 Minutes

03/18/2019 Minutes  

04/23/2019 Minutes

05/22/2019 Minutes

06/24/2019 Minutes 

09/25/2019 Minutes

10/14/2019 Minutes 

11/18/2019 Minutes

12/8/2019 Minutes 


2020 Meeting Minutes

01/13/2020 Minutes

02/12/2020 Minutes
05/11/2020 Minutes


Next Meetings of the Princeton Club of Washington Council (as of May 11, 2020)

06/29/2020 - Virtual Annual Meeting (Please click here to reserve your spot.)


Council Members: Watch for any email updates before the meeting day.  


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