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Your Career Area Contacts at PCW

Your guides to the capital region's career arenas .... These are available free of charge to answer your questions, courtesy of the Princeton Club.

In addition to our Net Night's programs and speakers, and the
Net Nights Career Contacts Directory, you can always turn to
these savvy alumni for help with local or broader career questions.

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Education  Caitlin Sullivan '07  caitsull.07@gmail.com 
High Tech  Lars Florio '92  larsflorio@yahoo.com
Corporate Washington Mark Michalowski '84 



Finance  Clem Dinsmore '65  clem.dinsmore@opco.com 

Government and Politics 

Anne Linton '86  alinton@alumni.princeton.edu 
Law  Matt Jacobs '77  MJacobs@jenner.com 
Law  Anne Linton '86  alinton@alumni.princeton.edu 
Law  Kate Neville '88  kneville@nevillecareerconsulting.com 
Healthcare  Lee Dudka *77  lleedudka@email.com 
Princetonians on the Hill  Nan Wells  Wellsleone@aol.com 
Non-profits  Bob Sellery '60  sellery@sellery.com 
Questions?  Feedback?  Contact webmaster@pcw-dc.org 















FOR OUR JOBS BOARD, check here.

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